Bosnian is leading the largest software developers conference in Europe

Apart from swimming and basketball, Bosnians can boast of successes in other areas lately.

One we should be proud of is Sead Ahmetovivs of Odzak, who runs WeAreDevelopers, Europe’s largest software developer conference. This year, it brought together more than 10.000 developers in Berlin.

Organizing such events is an incredible challenge, and Sead did it excellently with the help of his team.

He was born in Odzak in 1988, and although he lives in Vienna, he spends a lot of time in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). He finished his studies in Austria and was always interested in innovative technologies of the future, so he started his career as a developer in an Austrian start-up.

In a few years, he held IT management positions in various innovative and international companies. In 2008, he met Benjamin Ruschin, with whom he founded WeAreDevelopers in 2015.

Sead and Benjamin noticed that there was no conference in Europe that would bring all IT experts and developers together in one place and in style. At the time, there were a lot of smaller events, such as specialist or local conferences, get-togethers, etc., but nothing in a large international format.

Then, in 2015, they decided to organize the first edition of the WeAreDevelopers conference with several hundred participants in a medieval castle near Vienna.

This year the conference attracted more than 10.000 developers and IT experts from all continents. Due to the strong growth and huge organizational challenge, they founded a special company for the conference with co-founders Thomas Pamminger, who has been advising the global brand Gucci on digitization for ten years, and Markus Wagner, a Silicon Valley serial investor.

WeAreDevelopers World Congress partners with over 100 leading technology companies including Volkswagen, Microsoft, Accenture, Tezos, Stripe, IKEA, Amazon Web Services, check24, Rapyd, Trade Republic, IBM, Dynatrace, Delivery Hero, Eurowings, ING , GoStudent and many more.

WeAreDevelopers has also become Europe’s leading platform for tech talent ( and offers employers a platform to recruit and connect with top tech talent from around the world.

Sead is a great friend of BiH and offers hundreds of free tickets each year to young people and friends of BiH.

He has big plans to organize a mega tech event in BiH in the near future, Radio Sarajevo writing.


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