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A dozen local real estate agents and homeowners attended a seminar on mortgages, credit scores and identity theft at the Brush Bank Colorado branch on Thursday, February 20.

The bank invited an account manager from a credit reporting service that it partners with to speak to the crowd and answer questions about credit over a free lunch. Casey Miller of Advantage Credit spoke for just under two hours about tips for maintaining a higher credit rating, avoiding identity theft, and filing annual taxes.

More than half of the seminar participants were real estate agents from the region.

“We really want to bring back the value of using a local mortgage lender who knows the market, who knows the realtors, who knows the house you are buying,” said branch president Clayton Miller.

He said the bank runs events like Thursday’s seminar throughout the year to connect with customers outside of their formal business interactions. Clayton Miller said he was happy to hear Casey Miller give advice on preventing identity theft, such as remembering to shred bank statements, during his presentation.

“Bank of Colorado is a very community driven and community driven bank, so we want to give back to our community, support our local community, support our local real estate agents and local businesses, and that’s why we are doing this kind. of things, “he said.

Casey Miller’s presentation introduced attendees to topics such as how bankruptcy affects credit and myths about credit and delinquency, among others. She explained that there are only a handful of major players in the credit and mortgage reporting industry, and it’s important to understand the system these bureaus and businesses follow.

During the presentation, she gave tips on how to work with revolving debt in order to maintain a higher credit rating. Casey Miller said that history is also a big part of a person’s credit rating, and keeping old, inactive bank or credit accounts open can help boost a person’s credit rating.

“What we’re saying is if you’re trying to increase your score, don’t close your old accounts,” she said.

Casey Miller, Corporate Account Manager at Advantage Credit, speaks to realtors and owners in the Brush area during a free seminar at the Bank of Colorado branch in Brush on Thursday, February 20 (Slade Rand / The Fort Morgan Times)

Among other tips she offered for maintaining a good credit rating, Casey Miller said participants should avoid co-signing loans or opening new accounts when they are already in debt and should avoid having debts. late payments.

Bank of Colorado assistant vice president and mortgage lender Lynne Alexander delivered the presentation and spoke about her role as a lender at Thursday’s event. She said she worked for the Bank of Colorado for 26 years and was originally from Brush and enjoyed getting to know her clients through community events like this.

She said it was the first time the Bank of Colorado had hosted Casey Miller to talk about mortgages and that she was happy to see local realtors in attendance.

Clayton Miller said he hoped to continue hosting events like Thursday’s at the bank, and thanked community members who attended this week’s seminar.

“We wanted to put something in place for (us) to be able to provide to realtors, and just grow the relationship and provide resources,” Clayton Miller said.


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