Bad weather invites Eurowings Discover Flight inauguration in Düsseldorf


Düsseldorf Airport and its spotters had an unexpected surprise on Monday. Eurowings Discover unexpectedly operated its first flight to West German Airport. The landing was unplanned, as the plane diverted due to bad weather at the airline’s base in Frankfurt. The plane continued its route to Frankfurt shortly after.

Eurowings Discover made an unexpected stopover in Düsseldorf on Monday. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Theft

This summer, Lufthansa Group’s new subsidiary, Eurowings Discover, launched flights primarily for the long-haul leisure travel market. Since then, the airline has flown to destinations such as Mombasa, Punta Cana and Windhoek. One destination she hadn’t intended to visit so soon is Düsseldorf, one of the bases of sister airline Eurowings.

Landing in Düsseldorf

On Sunday evening, D-AFYQ left Windhoek in Namibia, bound for Frankfurt. It is not known when flight 4Y133 took off from Windhoek due to poor flight tracking coverage in the area. Despite this, the plane arrived in the general Frankfurt area around 5:20 a.m. local time, around the time it was due to land, according to

Eurowings Discover, Düsseldorf, first flight
The flight from Namibia was rerouted to Düsseldorf. Photo:

Unfortunately for the crew, the airport would have been covered with a layer of fog. Due to the bad weather, the plane had to be diverted, the pilots opting for Düsseldorf in the northwest, where it landed at 6 a.m. In a post on Instagram, Eurowings Discover revealed that this was the airline’s first visit to Düsseldorf while sharing a photo taken by Luiza M, also known as @ dus.spottergirl.

The plane waited for the fog in Frankfurt to clear and finally took off at 08:26 a.m. It was a short jump to the plane house once the weather cleared. The aircraft briefly reached a height of 19,000 feet, before descending to its intended destination. After a 41-minute flight, the plane landed in Frankfurt at 9:08 a.m., just under four hours late.

Eurowings Discover, Düsseldorf, first flight
The plane continued to Frankfurt later in the day. Photo:

Commenting on the incident, a spokesperson for Eurowings Discover told Simple Flying,

“Our flight 4Y133 from Windhoek to Frankfurt was diverted due to fog in Frankfurt. The flight continued to Frankfurt after improving weather conditions.

Hiring of new A330 pilots

As the airline starts up, it slowly increases its fleet. By the end of the year, the airline hopes to add ten more aircraft for a total of 21 jets by summer 2022. Ten Airbus A320s will accompany 11 Airbus A330s.

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As more and more planes come online, the airline is looking for pilots to fly them. The company is currently posting jobs for first officers and captains for the A330 and A320 on LinkedIn. In addition to a relevant EASA pilot license, potential applicants must have at least 1,000 hours of flying experience on jets with a maximum take-off weight of more than 5.7 tonnes.

Eurowings Discover, Düsseldorf, first flight
Eurowings Discover is currently recruiting pilots and cabin crew. Photo: Eurowings Discover

To fly the Airbus A330, they must also have a type rating on the A330, A320 Family, A340, A350 or A380. If not on the A330, they must have held the rating for at least three months and have flown at least 150 hours on the aircraft concerned. No type rating is specified for the A320 positions, although the airline does specify that an A320 type rating is preferred.

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