Bad Lufthansa First Class Flight? Perspective questions.


Part of me feels like I went too slow on Lufthansa in the 747-8 first class review from Frankfurt to Los Angeles that I posted this morning. Sometimes there is a fine line between being objective and being too picky that you lack an appropriate perspective. Other times, we can be far too lenient when such forgiveness is not warranted. I struggled to find this balance in my recent review.

My wonderful flight overall in Lufthansa First Class could only be called bad in relative terms

Ultimately, the only perspective that matters on this blog is mine. I’m not saying this in a haughty manner, but the point of 11 years of airline reviews on Live and fly is to help guide people by providing insight based on consistency. If my metrics change for each airline, it becomes really difficult to compare one airline to another, especially in terms of service.

On my recent Lufthansa flight, there were two major service disruptions.

First of all, my lunch dishes weren’t promptly cleaned up (it took 10 minutes). This may be common in economy or even business class, but flight attendants are expected to constantly monitor the first class cabin with precision to prevent dishes or glasses from sitting for long periods of time when a guest has them. finished eating or drinking.

Second, when I was ready to sleep, I hit the flight attendant call button and no one showed up. After waiting three minutes, I got up, pulled the kitchen curtain between first and business class, and stuck my head inside. There was no one. I stayed in the kitchen for five more minutes before returning to my seat. There I sat for another 10 minutes. Yes, I waited almost 20 minutes in first class for a flight attendant to show up.

Ultimate first world problem, but …

Obviously, many readers will roll their eyes and be dismissive. Indeed, the problems of cleaning dishes and making beds are ultimate problems of the first world.

But I have flown Lufthansa dozens of times over the years in first class and if I assess first class flights against historical Lufthansa flights and against my experiences on other airlines, it is little details like this that are essential for offering insight and potential trends.

I could have gathered my dishes and silverware and brought them into the galley, but it would have put me in the awkward position of embarrassing the flight attendants.

I could have walked up to the front closet, pulled out a duvet and mattress pad and made my own bed, but that’s not why I’m splurging for first class – it’s part of the package.

But there were also extenuating circumstances involved. I eat slowly and eat all the dishes. Everyone had gone to bed and the cabin was dark by the time I finished my lunch. Part of me can understand why the flight attendants stopped patrolling the cabin.

But part of me thinks they should have known I was still eating and continued to watch me until they knew I was done.

Ditto with the bed. I didn’t go to bed early like everyone else. I watched Thesilenceofthelambs first then wanted to go to bed. My request for a reduction apparently came between shifts as no flight attendant was present and the flight attendant who eventually showed up was one I had never seen before.

All this to say that a part of me is so uncomfortable even mentioning these service interruptions because overall I found the flight fabulous. But at the same time, I wouldn’t offer an honest review if I didn’t mention them.

That’s the struggle when writing a review. How important are these details to the overall flight experience? As best I can, I try to put them in the right perspective.


The review of first class products is an inherent first world problem and therefore complaints, when they occur, will involve first world problems.

As for the impact of these service failures on the overall assessment of the flight, I leave it to you to judge. As for me, I was prepared to ignore them based on the totality of the flight experience. But I wonder if I gave Lufthansa extra room for maneuver because of my strong affinity for the German airline …

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