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Just scribble an “IT” in front of the name “Alitalia” for a hybrid branded solution? ?

ITA Airways paid just under 100 million euros for the Alitalia brand last fall when it launched following the bankruptcy of the Italian flag carrier. He then shelved the brand, launching a new livery and planning to expand with a clean slate. Reporting from Italy this week, however, suggest that the plan needs to change one more time.

The Alitalia brand is ready to return.

Company president Alfredo Altavilla indicated the intention during testimony before the government’s Transport Commission. But specific details on how the brand will return remain unclear.

“We always intended to use the brand to integrate it into the commercial offer,” Altavilla told officials.

The analogies offered by Altavilla with the EuroWings or Transavia brands could be interpreted as suggesting a separate low-cost operation formed to use one of the brands. But that’s not the intention, at least not now.

The board is expected to finalize the branding plans by the end of the month.

Separately, the company confirmed that it is focusing on Rome as its main long-haul hub, with minimal expansion expected in the short term at Milan Malpensa. The carrier too reports an average load factor of only 60% for the Rome-JFK route to end the year, behind Delta (90%) and United (83%, to Newark).

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