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At BER, the sleek new airport in Berlin’s Brandenburg region, the new winter flight schedule is expected to come into effect on Sunday. It includes flights to 144 destinations in 54 countries. Have a good trip.

Berlin, October 29, 2021 (The Berlin Spectator) – At the start of 2020, almost no one was flying anymore because of Corona. Airports all over Germany, including BER, have become parking lots. Since then there has been an increase. In the summer, many Germans jumped on planes to be taken to holiday destinations across Europe. Another wave of vacationers hit BER Airport when the fall break began earlier this month. For some inexplicable reason, Brandenburg’s brand new new airport was not prepared. Extremely long queues resulted in delays and great chaos.

Intercontinental flights

From Sunday, when Europe returns to normal time from summer time, there will be a new winter flight schedule. Despite the fact that the airline industry is still far from returning to what was considered normal in pre-Corona times, when it comes to passenger numbers, there will be many flights to and from the BER airport. The new flight schedule lists flights to 144 destinations in 54 countries offered by no less than 76 airlines. Considering we’re still in the midst of the Corona Crisis, that’s a lot. Before Corona, in 2019 there were flights to 145 destinations, mostly from Tegel Airport and Schönefeld Airport, both of which were closed a year ago.

Recently, a few intercontinental routes have been announced. Because the United States of America is reopening its borders to Europeans, United Airlines will resume daily direct flights from Berlin / Brandenburg to Newark (New Jersey), but not immediately. The first flight is scheduled for March 5, shortly before the upcoming summer flight program is set up. Until then, passengers to the United States will have to fly from larger hubs in Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam, London or Paris. A new direct connection to Washington DC (Dulles Airport in Virginia) has been announced for May 2022.

Madeira and Las Palmas

Another intercontinental route is already in service. Since October 20, the low-cost company Scoot has been taking BER passengers to Singapore directly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Recently, Germany and Singapore agreed on a “travel corridor for vaccinated people”, which made this route possible. But for most Asian and intercontinental destinations, BER is the wrong airport. In Germany, the largest airport is not located in the capital, for historical reasons.

At the start of the Corona crisis, BER airport was rather quiet. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Things are different when it comes to roads within Europe. EasyJet will offer additional flights to Madeira, Las Palmas and Hurghada. The airline also announced more flights per week to Milan and Paris. Salzburg and Innsbruck are also part of their flight plan, which will make it easier for skiers who feel the inner urge to hurtle down the Alps. Eurowings is about to add more flights to the Canary Islands. They will fly twice to Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, and to Gran Canaria and Tenerife three times a week. Eurowings has also increased the number of its flights from BER airport to German destinations such as Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and Cologne / Bonn.

Marseille and Marrakech

Of course, Ryanair is also back. From November 2, they will resume their flights between BER airport and Marseille. Marrakech is also coming back to the flight plan. Tel Aviv too. In this case, Ryanair flies daily. From December, they will even make two daily flights to and from Tel Aviv on Wednesdays and Sundays. Lappeenranta (Finland) is another new destination that Ryanair offers. They are also increasing the frequency of their flights to Malaga, Madrid, Bologna, Brussels and Bucharest. Cities that start with “M” and “B” seem to be their favorites, which is why they also fly to Berlin / Brandenburg.

At BER airport, the sky is the limit. There are flights to Kaliningrad, Moscow, Lisbon and to Orly airport in Paris. Starting Sunday, Iberia Express will travel to Madrid three times a day, as they did before the Corona hit.

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