Aer Lingus ‘Mystery Flight’ among eight canceled at Dublin Airport so far today

Four Aer Lingus flights, including a ‘mystery flight’, are among eight trips that were canceled at Dublin Airport today.

The flights from Aer Lingus that have been canceled are the 1.30pm ‘Mystery Flight’, EI 9405 and the 4.45pm flight to Frankfurt, EI 656.

The canceled Aer Lingus flights due to arrive in Dublin today are the 1.30pm flight from Prague, EI643 and the 9.45pm flight from Frankfurt, EI657.

The 12:00 Eurowings flight from Dublin to Cologne Bonn, EW397 and the 10:50 p.m. Flyone flight to Chisinau, Moldova, FIA712 are not operating.

Meanwhile, the 11:15 a.m. Eurowings flight from Cologne Bonn, EW 396 and the 10:05 p.m. Flyone flight from Chisinau, Moldova, FIA711 have also been cancelled.

Aer Lingus attributed the recent cancellations to “operational reasons” as it continues to deal with Covid-19 cases among staff and industrial action overseas.

Aer Lingus has been contacted today for clarification on the nature of the ‘mystery flight’. also revealed in recent days that the airline is now using a “third party” to operate certain routes.

Hundreds of passengers had their holiday plans disrupted, with Aer Lingus canceling 11 flights between Friday and Saturday.

Some Aer Lingus customers have been notified by email of the changes to their flights, advising them that they will be taken to their chosen destination by an alternate carrier.

In an email, Aer Lingus told a customer who was due to fly in a few days that: “For operational reasons, your flight… will now be operated by Privilege Style on our behalf.

“Check-in for your flight will take place at the Aer Lingus check-in desks.”

Privilege Style is a private Spanish airline which operates worldwide but has no connection with Aer Lingus.

Aer Lingus’ email said the company was “confident that the service you will receive from Privilege Style pilots and cabin crew will meet the same high standards that our customers have come to expect from us. Privilege Style meets all Aer Lingus safety standards”.

An Aer Lingus spokesperson said the airline had: “Anticipated the return of travel demand once Covid restrictions were lifted and built appropriate buffers into our plans to cope with a reasonable level of disruption. additional.”

They added: “From time to time we will lease additional capacity using third party operators to avoid disruption to our customers.”

Passengers using various airlines have also reported lost luggage at Dublin Airport, including an Air Canada passenger who is still trying to find his luggage containing his parents’ ashes.

A spokesman for the Dublin Airports Authority (DAA) said it was aware of the issues some arriving passengers are facing with returning baggage, but the airlines are dealing with it.

“We sympathize with those affected and regret that these issues are impacting the experience of their passengers.

“We are in very close contact with the airlines and their ground handling companies on these issues, the root of which lies in the significant staffing challenges currently faced by all companies operating in the aviation sector.

Since Wednesday, July 6, the Defense Forces have been on stand-by at the airport, and will continue to do so for the next six weeks for the busy summer period. Defense Force personnel will only be deployed to the airport if more than 20% of security personnel are absent due to Covid-19.

However, reports of long queues at airport security checkpoints and outside terminal buildings have decreased significantly in recent weeks.

It comes as DAA confirmed that more than 2.8 million passengers passed through the airport last, which was its busiest month since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

More than 12 million passengers have passed through the facility in the past six months.

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