A TUI fly Belgium flight to Havana and Cancun lands in medical emergency in Nantes

A plane that left Brussels airport for Cuba this morning had to make an emergency landing near the French city of Nantes. After five hours on the plane, the 296 passengers were taken to the airport. The plane will fly to Havana this evening after returning to Brussels for a new crew.

TUI fly Belgium flight TB353 from Brussels to Havana and Cancun, operated by a Boeing 787-8 registered PH-TFL, took off normally from Brussels Airport at 08:00 this morning. After less than an hour of flight, the plane was over Nantes and the pilots decided to divert to the local Nantes Atlantique airport, where the landing took place at 09:00.

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It was a flight to Havana and Cancun that had to land in Nantes, France due to medical interventionTUI spokesperson Piet Demeyere told the Belgian newspaper HLN. “Due to the loss of time, the crew will not be able to complete the entire flight and the aircraft will therefore have to return to Brussels for a new crew who will only then start their shift..”

The flight is expected to fly from Nantes to Brussels around five o’clock. By seven o’clock at the latest, everything can be ready to leave Brussels for Havana“said Demeyere VTM TV channel.

There was a medical emergency that required a passenger to disembark. Apparently this person was in serious condition. He was landed fairly quickly and we’ve been waiting here for five hours.“, said a passenger HLN and VTM.

The passengers disembarked around 4:00 p.m. and are waiting at the airport until the plane can return to Brussels for a new crew.

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