43 summer itineraries: what’s next for Eurowings Discover?


Launched in July, Eurowings Discover, part of the Lufthansa Group, is growing rapidly. This winter, it will have 18 connections from Frankfurt, the only airport it serves in its domestic market, Germany. In the summer of 2022, it anticipates 43 routes.

Frankfurt in Mauritius on October 1. Photo: Eurowings Discover.

Why was Eurowings Discovery created?

The Lufthansa group needs a hobby [vacation] Airline company”Said Helmut Woelfel, Commercial Director of Eurowings Discover. He spoke at World Routes in Milan, a speed dating event between airlines and airports. “The airline idea came long before COVID. “

Eurowings Discover has the IATA code 4Y, which distinguishes it from Eurowings (EW). You would be forgiven for thinking that the wearer pair is pretty closely related, and to some extent, that is true. However, while Discover focuses on Frankfurt, Eurowings only has one route from the airport (to Pristina). Indeed, Eurowings Discover has more in common with Condor, the leisure carrier formerly owned by Lufthansa.

While recognizing that Eurowings Discover is “highly dependent“on Lufthansa, Woelfel insisted that the two carriers are”sufficiently independent“While the boundaries between parent companies and lower-cost subsidiaries are often blurred, which can be problematic, Woelfel said the role of the new entrant is clear.”Lufthansa doesn’t always have the right product, the right platform to target tourists.

Eurowings Discover, first flight, Lufthansa Group
The airline has three A330-300, three A330-200 and three A320ceo. This specific aircraft, the D-AXGE, previously belonged to Qatar Airways and SunExpress Deutschland. Photo: Tom Boon – Theft.

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18 destinations this winter

We review regions and airports not served by German airlines“Woelfel said. He was quick to clarify what he meant.”Places that grow. “This clarification could be due to the fact that while Discover is currently planning 18 routes from Frankfurt this winter, 12 are served by Condor, six by TUI fly and two by Lufthansa itself. Fuerteventura and Tenerife South will host four German airlines, according to OAG timetable information.

This winter, only four routes – Marrakech, Tampa, Windhoek and Zanzibar – will not have a head-to-head competition. Eurowings Discover started from Frankfurt to the Namibian capital, Windhoek, on August 10; he has a service every five weeks.

Various carriers have operated from Frankfurt to Windhoek over the years including Condor (2014-2019) and Air Namibia (until 2020). Eurowings launched it in 2019 and was replaced by Lufthansa itself in June 2021 – to be replaced two months later by Eurowings Discovery. Expect more route replacements and network realignments in the future as the two airlines focus on their relative strengths.

The Eurowings Discover network in winter 2021
This is the airline’s network this winter. Image: OAG Mapper.

43 courses are planned for summer 2022

In the summer of 2022, Eurowings Discover scheduled 43 routes departing from Frankfurt, including Anchorage, Fort Myers, Las Vegas, Panama City, Salt Lake City and Tampa. Anchorage and Las Vegas will have two airlines departing from Frankfurt. The link to Alaska will have up to six weekly flights, while up to eight will be operated to Nevada.

The 4,534 nautical mile long trip to Utah will be Frankfurt’s first non-stop connection, as the carrier replaces Lufthansa to Tampa (2015-2020) and Panama City (2016-2020). From Frankfurt to Fort Myers, meanwhile, was last served by Condor in 2007.

Lufthansa, summer 2021, leisure flight plan
Five US airports will be served in the summer of 2022, including Salt Lake City. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple theft.

Using the A320

Eurowings Discover will also serve nine destinations across Greece using a fleet of three A320ceos, as well as other narrow-body routes to Bulgaria, Egypt, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Tunisia. “We focus on tourism demand, which is much less important for Lufthansa. “

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