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Creditnet Exam & Experience – pay back later!

Creditnet Exam & Experience - pay back later!

The Online-borg Creditnet is an offer of the company Intrasavings headquartered in Germany. This special loan fascinates not only by some variations, which one has looked for in vain with other providers, but also by the narrow and very clear structure of the appearance. The highlights include multi-month payment breaks and the issuance of the last tranche for a term of 60 months or more.

But what is behind the online offer of online loans in Germany? Our online credits. The test report shows it! In the credit check convinced the Binger online provider in several respects. The borrower can choose when the first installment will be paid out. This may be the case after 30, 60 or 90 days, a possibility that, in our experience, no other provider offers.

Also the possible payment interruptions score with the on-line credit. en experience. If desired, borrowers may suspend payments for one, two, or even three weeks, a duration that no other provider will dictate. Also with the on-line credit the interest was very good. final. A maximum annual rate of 5.5 percentage points per year with a loan period of 84 days is clearly one of the improvements.

Characteristic of this loan is also a free early full or partial repayment. CreditNet has a minimum of 2,500 USD no mini-loan, but is still not as high as other providers. Only the way can be taken to save the rate difference to 12 months separately and then replace it early.

Effective interest rate between 2.6 and 5.5 percentage points pa depending on the term of the loan with a term of at least 60 months and timely payment of the previous installments. The customer finds Creditnet no choice between different loans. The provider of the software has focused on online loans for short periods of time.

The transfer of the credit business to the network is not unknown.

The transfer of the credit business to the network is not unknown.

The novelty, however, is that the banks provide an online portal in which only a loan offer procedure is carried out. The idea behind Creditnet, however, is that debtors quickly cope. The online loan is provided at an annual effective interest rate between 2.6% and 5.5%. The interest on the loan is set at an interest rate between 2.6% and 5.5%.

This means that the interest rate has already fallen in relation to the numbers a few weeks ago and can be classified as quite low. The basic requirement for the loan, of course, is a good credit rating. In addition, Creditnet has changed the loan amounts. The loan was initially issued in a range between USD 5,000 and USD 50,000.

Because a minimum loan amount of USD 5,000 is quite high and the loan was therefore of no interest to borrowers seeking a lower loan amount, the minimum loan amount was reduced to USD 2,500. The provider Creditnet also explains on its website that the payment of the approved loan amount takes place within 2 working days.

This means that after receipt of all documents at the house bank payment can be expected within a short time. At first glance, the Creditnet test procedure shows that this device has several unique selling points. Online credit is an alternative to the competition for a duration of 30, 60 or 90 days.

Of course, the likelihood of a payment break in the credit test is rated as low. As the experience with other institutions shows, the payment break is not just one month, but can be extended to up to three months. Finally, Creditnet differs from other providers by the last steps.

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages of the offer, the website has also attracted attention in the Creditnet review. On the website of Creditnet you will find all essential information at a glance. Of course you can also log in here. Potential buyers can inquire here about the loan and the conditions, which is particularly quick, because everything is summarized shortly.

The terms of a loan with online loan. de are also clearly outlined. In addition, he must be demonstrably employed by his employer for a period of six months and must no longer be on trial. The information already shows that it is not possible for Creditnet to obtain a loan as a self-employed person.

Applying for a loan from Creditnet is a classic endeavor. The monthly loan installments are calculated by the applicant and can be applied for online without obligation. An online loan application will be provided for the engagement. 2. The provider ensures the PostIdent procedure or online legitimation. The amount will be on the player account within a few days.

Three other factors did not have such a positive impact on the online loan. de experiences. In the credit check, the minimum contract term of 24 months clearly differs from the minimum contract term of 12 years. Anyone who only wants to use a small loan amount of USD 2,500 and wants to repay it relatively quickly faces a long-term perspective. 2,500 USD are usually no longer needed.

The minimum loan amount of USD 2,500 does not meet the lower demands of consumers and does not allow for mini-credit. Self-employed people have no opportunity to get a loan from Creditnet. This must be proven, therefore, no false information in the credit help. A positive aspect, however, is that the request is made via SSL encryption.

Only consumers with regular earned income as a customer are eligible. Those who fit into the net benefit, as the experience of Creditnet proves, from very advantageous interest rates. Depending on the deadline chosen, the provider will be in the top group of the test with an effective interest rate of no more than seven percentage points per year.

In summary, the experiences with this device are positive despite the small restrictions. One can also claim that Creditnet has reduced the interest rates. In a first attempt, we found that they dropped to 7%. A lot has moved here, which shows that Creditnet spends interest rate changes on the borrowers.

Another positive aspect is the reduced minimum amount, which used to be USD 5,000 and now only USD 2,500. Although there are providers for which even lower minimum amounts are possible, an amount of USD 2,500 is quite good. Also very interesting: The provider Creditnet offers a referral bonus.

The one who recommends the website and thus contributes to the conclusion of a contract, gets 200 USD in return. There is no restriction on the recommendation. So anyone can recommend any number of users online and gets the respective customer bonus. With a loan volume of USD 10,000, this results in a monthly installment payment of USD 288.90.

To complete the Creditnet experience for the loan example here are the details when interruptions and annual interest certificates are desirable. If the payment period is three months, the first installment after 90 days and the delivery of the annual interest certificate, the installment increases to USD 290.20.

The additional costs are based only on the fact that the loan must be repaid in a few days. The experience of Creditnet proves that even special requests can be realized inexpensively. The parent company, the so-called Intrasavings Bank, has been rated A by the Stiftung Warentest for its creditworthiness, but Creditnet is still too small to receive reviews or test reports from consumer protection authorities or the trade press.

Numerous Unique Selling Points of the provider have earned that other borrowers benefited from your experience. Where can I reach Creditnet? When do I receive feedback on my loan application? The check is based on the information requested in the online application and only takes a few moments. You will receive the credit decision immediately by e-mail.

After that, the identification must still take place so that the loan can be issued. When can I get the loan? If all required documents are available, the invoice amount will normally be transferred within two working days to the bank account specified by you. This means that depending on how fast you are and the mail, it can be paid out within a week.

Is a second borrower needed? A second borrower increases the creditworthiness of the applicant in principle, but is not necessarily required. For married couples a joint application for credit is advantageous, for spouses from USD 10,000 a joint application is obligatory. Only if the creditworthiness for the credit approval is not sufficient, the inclusion of a second borrower may be required.

This can influence the decision making of Creditnet favorably. The one who knows that he has a negative score in the credit bureau should take the opportunity to lead a second borrower. Of course, he must also identify himself to make it clear that he is informed about the loan. Is it possible to withdraw from the loan?

It is only significant that the opposition verifiably arrives within the time limit.

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